Shipping & Returns

RP Watkins strives to get you your products timely and affordably. Real time quotes on our website will be as acurate as your information. Please select options that reflect your shipping needs best. 

Please use the proper equipment to handle large qty. construction items.

We reserve the right to bill you for extra shipping charges over the amount you pay online. We don't want you to pay more than you need to...and we don't want to incur losses either.

Shipping FYI

Why would my shipping charges be more than what I pay for?

1.Our products are not shipped the same day as the quote engine makes the quote. Freight charges change daily based on a variety of reasons. This can be a reason we get charged more thna you paid.

2.If a client selects an address that is residential instead of commercial for a pallet of freight, the actual carrier will charge extra for the use of a liftgate, rural delivery, and delivery to a residential address.


We do not take returns or order overages. If we send you a product by mistake, we will ship you the correct ones. 

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